The Litterateur as the Seer of Truth

The majority of what is termed Sáhitya in the world today is mere composition, not literature. Litterateurs must prove their sense of responsibility through every line of their pens. Command over language and ideas is not sufficient. Something more is needed: the power to delve deeply into any matter – the earnest effort to identify the mind with the minds of all, to penetrate into the essence of truth (Tattvadarshii). Those who, possessed with a little superficial knowledge of life, are mere jugglers of language, cannot produce ideal literature. In the language of the Vedas a litterateur is called Kavi or seer of truth. Only such seers can create true literature; for the task of a litterateur is to hint at the future, and the ability to look into the future belongs to the seers of truth alone.

Those who think that their only responsibility is to portray the past, present or future are not litterateurs, for the mastery over these three dimensions of time is determined by the power to link all the three. Those who cannot assimilate this internal link can never establish the proper relation between the past and the present, or between the present and the future; none of their portrayals of past, present or future are capable of finding complete expression. Therefore, as I have said above, it is better to call these writers mere authors, instead of litterateurs. It is such authors who indulge in such utterances as “Art for art’s sake.” A little examination will reveal the harmful influence of this idea on human society.

The world is the thought projection of the Cosmic Mind, and so there is no question of any pause, even for a moment, in this eternal flow. Whether humans may desire it or not, society will have to move forward through ceaseless environmental changes. Literature is the psychic expression of this dynamism of humanity. It is for this dynamic humanity that literature has been created, and so it cannot be static, nor shall it ever become static. [[The thought-provoking factors that underlie the social picture created by the brush of the artist, that underlie the current of thoughts expressed by the litterateur, change, and so the artist and the litterateur should always work keeping a vigilant eye on those changing factors.]]

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